My Family and My Music Is My Treasure

Betsy and I watched a party of 800 people bounce to the music the other day at a corporate event.  It was one of those treasured moments, where everything, the lights, the music, the energy, the timing…all of it was perfect. Even after all these years, we still can’t believe how bringing music and people will make us smile.  There is something about the rhythm that connects people and offers space to just let it all go, and remember what is truly valuable in our lives. Passion and character have a way of spilling out onto the dance floor.  There might be a joker, a dynamic duo, a squad, a sentimental one and a rowdy fun one.  A great entertainer and DJ reads these characters, and taps into their passions by playing what is right in that very moment.  We know we’ve got it when we catch someone looking up at the lights, catching the glimmer of the disco ball and we can almost see them think, “you know, it’s moments like this that are REALLY important.” 

My family and my music are my treasure. With my family by my side and the music of my life, I am whole. I am so blessed to share music with so many people from all over the world through this family business.  Betsy and I are happy to talk to you about your Hawaii DJ service needs for 2018. Our passion and professionalism is clear in our customer reviews, so we invite you to take a look. Invest in quality entertainment to ensure an event filled with those moments you will never forget.  We look forward to your 2018 events! 

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